Please welcome my first blog text in English:) Be careful, maybe you will be shocked:)

Hello Everybody. Today I am writing my first  blog text in English.  And why does this happen?

Robi came here in New - Zealand and we discussed why I haven't written my blog  in English yet. I answered because my English was not good. But he said I might have more reader if I wrote my blog not just in Hungarian.

I think he has a challenge that he teaches me. He is originally a teacher.

I know he would like to help me, but I think the problem is me. I would't like to show someone that I am silly.

When  we came here I spoke just a few words in English. I have been learning English for 11 years at school, but the real learn was in high school. I had a very good teacher.

I have never thought before I would live in another country. And now I am here. I started some courses. Because it is important that I can speak to other people. And I found job.

Now I have a job. So more important  to me that we could understand each other at my workplace.

When I started a  course I met a lot of people from several countries. That time I realised I wasn't  alone. Nobody speaks and writes English well.

So maybe in the future you are as reader sometimes will  find some blog text in English :)

See you:)



3 megjegyzés:

  1. Its really good, do wrighting hungaryan or english, im reading booth. :-)) Good luck!

  2. Thank you so much Gionetta:) I love you:) kisses

  3. Hey Klari,

    My fingers are itching to click and read your next blog notice in English!

    Please provide and share it asap!

    Thanks in advance! ;D